Adult-child co-agency - for or against children’s right

Áron Telegdi Csetri, Soarana Constantinescu, Viorela Telegdi Csetri și Maria Roth, ISPCAN International Congress, Milan 2021. 07 - 11 June 2021


The presentation "Adult-Child Co-Agency: For or Against Children’s Rights" analyzes the collaborative decision-making dynamics between adults and children, highlighting two relevant case studies. One case involves allegations of verbal abuse at the Sigismund Toduță Music School in Cluj-Napoca, while the other pertains to accusations of physical abuse at the Șanț commune middle school in Bistrița-Năsăud county. Through the analysis of these cases, the presentation explores the impact of adult-child collaboration on children's rights and well-being, prompting a relevant discussion on promoting equitable relationships between adults and children in decision-making processes.