Reexamining Romanian child protection from a comparative perspective: child rights, professionalism and self-trust

Viorela Ducu (presenter and corresponding author) (Dr. habil), Ovidiu Oltean, Maria Roth, George Jiglău, Áron Telegdi-Csetri, Babeș-Bolyai University, Child Protection for the Most Vulnerable Children and Families - 13-16 June, 2022, Tallinn, Estonia


This presentation offers insights into Romania's child protection journey, highlighting initial advancements and subsequent challenges post the 2008-2010 economic crisis. By comparing Romania with Norway, it identifies critical gaps in the Romanian child protection system, such as discrepancies in legal implementation and workforce professionalization. Additionally, it delves into research questions regarding the application of the child's best interest principle, attitudes towards children's rights, and the role of parents in safeguarding children.